Links list

Supporting Institutions

Centre de Recherches Historiques – EHESS/CNRS

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Indian Ocean World Center – McGill University

Academic Associations & Institutions

The Economic History Association

International Institute of Social History

The Historical Association [UK]

Social History Society


MeDIan: MeDIan is an ANR funded project on the Indian Ocean World and its perceptions in early Mediterranean societies.

Online Resources

Datafile of Historical Prices and Wages

Humanities and Social Sciences [H-net]

Asian maritime & trade chronology to 1700 CE proposes a detailed and very helpful chronology of asian maritime trade.

Indian Ocean History, proposed by theSultan Qaboos Cultural Center provides many documents and resources on the Indian Ocean History. Materials include maps and learning tools.

 The Indian Ocean Trade: A Classroom Simulation proposed by Boston University’s African Studies Center.

Global Geaographies: The Indian Ocean in Historical Perspective. Seminar presentation with online related and downloadable materials.


International Labor and Working-Class History

International Review of Social History

Labour / Le travail

Labour History

Law and History Review

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